Learn How to Give a Prostate Massage with My Step-by-Step Prostate Massage Video Tutorials

The video archive contains several step-by-step video series which provide clear instructions, valuable tips and practical demonstrations on all aspects of how to give a prostate massage, prostate milking, anal massage, anal sex toys, lube, hygeine and more. You can watch these videos from the convenience and comfort of your own home, again and again. After watching the instructional videos below you’ll know the secrets to giving a prostate massage that will have him reeling in ecstasy and begging for more everytime!

Step-by-Step Video Guide to Giving a Hot Prostate Massage

Step-by-Step Prostate Massage Video Series

Part I: Introduction to Prostate Massage – Learn the basic concept of male prostate massage and the benefits.

Part II: Prostate Warm Up Demonstration – Learn how to get him hot and horny at the beginning of a prostate massage with sensual foreplay techniques so that he has an enjoyable experience he will never forget.

Part III: Prostate Massage Demonstration – Give him intense pleasure by fingering his prostate and give him a hot hand job in this great demonstration.

Part IV: Question and Answer 2:10 minutes – This video shows you how to give him a great orgasm and make him cum while stimulating his prostate.

9-Part Male Prostate and Anal Sex Video Series

Prostate Sex: Introduction Prostate Sex Series: Introduction
This video explains some of our attitudes toward anal play and prostate massage including::
• Prostate play and sexuality …
• Different turn-ons for men regarding anal sex.

… and much more … watch this video

Prostate Massage Anatomy

Prostate Sex Series: Men’s Anatomy
Learn where the male g-spot or prostate is located and how it works including:
• The anus, the prostate, the rectum, the penis …
• How to access the prostate gland …
• Different preferences man have for prostate massage …
… and much more … watch this video

Prostate Lube Prostate Sex Series: Lubrication
Learn all about the use and importance of lubrication including:
• Types of lube to avoid and why …
• The best types of lube to use and why …
• Lube and sex toys …
… and much more … watch this video
Dealing with Distractions Prostate Sex Series: Warming Him Up
The beginning of a prostate massage, is the most important time. This video teaches you about:
• How to develop the right attitude and approach to prostate massage.
• What to do to ensure you don’t injure your partner.
• Different techniques to turn your partner on and prepare him for more.
… and much more … watch this video
Prostate Strap-on Prostate Sex Series: Sex Toys for Prostate Stimulation
Learn about a variety of sex toys recommended for prostate stimulation.
• Work with him and increase his enjoyment while saving your own energy.
• What an anal sex toy needs be considered safe for anal play.
• An introduction to the new popular Anero.
• The Nexus prostate stimulator.
… and much more …
watch this video
Couple Interview Prostate Sex Series: Hot Couple Interview
Meet the attractive couple demonstrating the massage and get their perspective on male anal play including:
• What turns men so much about prostate stimulation.
• Advice for the giver to avoid problems and increase pleasure.
• Learn about the common misconceptions about anal play.
… and much more …
watch this video
Prostate Massage Video Demo Prostate Sex Series: Prostate Massage Demo
Watch our georgeous couple demonstrate the beginnings of a great prostate massage:
• See how she gets him aroused and relaxed.
• How to locate the male g-spot or prostate for stimulation.
• A great demonstration of how to communicate while giving and receiving a prostate massage.
• How to use a butt plug on his prostate in combination with other techniques.
… and much more … watch this video
Strap-on Demo Video Prostate Sex Series: Strap-on Demo
Watch this sexy demo of how to use a strap-on dildo for prostate stimulation including::
• The best position to use for beginners learning to use a strap-on.
• How to work together with your receiver to control depth and stimulation.
… and much more … watch this video
Strapon Positions Prostate Sex Series: Positions Demo
Watch a variety of positions with different advantages for either partner:
• How to use a double dildo so both man and woman enjoys penetration.
• Positions that put him in control and you can relax.
• A great position for him to climax during a prostate sex.
… and much more …
watch this video


4-Part Anal and Prostate Massage Video Series

Anal & Prostae Massage Series Anal & Prostate Massage: Warm Up
Shows a variety of fun and pleasurable techniques to get your partner ready for a prostate massage, including some you might not expect!

Anal & Prostate Massage: Stretches
This important step helps to enhance your partners enjoyment of a prostate massage.

Anal & Prostate Massage: Exterior Techniques
Learn how to give your partner a variety of soothing tingling sensations with these playful and effective strokes for the anal region and anus itself.

Anal & Prostate Massage: Interior Techniques

How to add vibration, penetration, direct prostate stimulation combined with genital stimulation to penis and perineum for maximum pleasure.


Bonus Demonstration Videos

  Bonus Video: Aneros Demo Video
Demonstrates how to insert the aneros device and use it for prosate stimulation.

Bonus Video: Prostate Milking
Watch this hot demo of a man receiving prostate milking massage and a hand job until he comes.

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